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5. Acquisitions

5. Acquisitions
6 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2019
Business Combinations [Abstract]  

Note 5:        Acquisitions


Acquisition of ApplianceSmart Inc.


On December 30, 2017 (the “ApplianceSmart Closing Date”), the Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, ApplianceSmart Affiliated Holdings LLC (“ASH”), entered into a series of agreements in connection with its purchase of ApplianceSmart. ApplianceSmart is a retailer engaged in the sale of new major appliances through a chain of company-owned retail stores.


Total consideration was $6,500,000, with no liabilities assumed by ASH. On December 30, 2017, ASH agreed to pay the $6,500,000 no later than March 31, 2018. Effective April 1, 2018, ASH issued an interest-bearing promissory note to the Seller, with interest at 5% per annum, with a three-year term in the original amount of $3,919,494 for the balance of the purchase price. Interest is payable monthly in arrears. Ten percent of the outstanding principal amount is due to be repaid annually on a quarterly basis, with any remainder due and payable on maturity, April 1, 2021. This promissory note is guaranteed by ApplianceSmart. The remaining $2,580,506 was paid in cash by ASH to the Seller. ASH may reborrow funds, and pay interest on such re-borrowings, from the Seller up to the Original Principal amount. On December 31, 2017, ASH offset certain liabilities and was provided certain assets from the Seller in the net amount of $1,607,369, against the amount due to the Seller. ASH and Seller agreed to the offset as if it were payment in cash against the purchase price. On December 26, 2018, ASH and the Seller amended and restated the ApplianceSmart Note to, among other things, grant the Seller a security interest in the assets of ASH and ApplianceSmart in accordance with the terms of separate security agreements entered into between ASH and ApplianceSmart, respectively, and the Seller. In addition, ASH and the Seller modified the terms of when interest and principal would be due. Outstanding principal and accrued and un-paid interest at 5% per annum is now all due and payable on April 1, 2021. At March 31, 2019 and September 30, 2018, the net amount owing to the Seller was $3,721,507 and $3,821,507, respectively, and is included in long term debt, related parties. See Note 9.


Net liabilities assumed by ASH on December 31, 2017:


Accounts payable   $ 1,374,647  
Accrued expenses     1,080,255  
Capital leases     29,631  
Credit card receivables     (255,301 )
Cash     (621,863 )
Total net liabilities assumed by ASH   $ 1,607,369  


The table below summarizes our final purchase price allocation of the consideration paid to the respective fair values of the assets acquired in the ApplianceSmart acquisition as of the ApplianceSmart Closing Date. The Company finalized its estimates after it determined that it had obtained all necessary information that existed as of the ApplianceSmart Closing Date related to these matters.


Trade receivables   $ 1,805,545  
Inventory     7,444,282  
Prepaid expenses     69,347  
Refundable deposits     1,003,841  
Intangible asset - trade names     2,015,000  
Intangible asset - customer list     5,202  
Intangible asset - leases     1,205,596  
Restricted cash     750,000  
Property and equipment     1,094,503  
Deferred income tax     (1,599,560 )
Bargain gain on acquisition     (7,293,756 )
    $ 6,500,000  


The operating results of ApplianceSmart are included in our audited consolidated financial statements beginning on December 31, 2017 and are reported in our Retail and Online Segment.


The estimated fair value of the customer list intangible asset was determined using the cost approach, which estimates the cost to acquire each email address in the list. The Company estimated the fair value of this intangible asset to be $0.10 per acquired active contact email or approximately $5,202. The Company is amortizing the customer list intangible asset on a straight-line basis over an estimated life of 20 years.


The estimated fair value of the trade names intangible that ApplianceSmart uses – “ApplianceSmart” was determined using a royalty income approach, which estimates an assumed royalty income stream and then discounts that expected future revenue or cash flow stream to present value. The Company estimated the fair value of this intangible asset using the residual method of 0.5% and a present value discount rate of 18.6%, or $2,015,000. Trade name relates to the Company’s brand awareness by consumers in the market place. The Company is amortizing the trade name intangible asset on a straight-line basis over an estimated life of 20 years.


The estimated fair value of the lease assets that ApplianceSmart leases was determined comparing the existing leases assumed to current market rates within a three-mile radius of existing stores. These market rates were then compared to existing ApplianceSmart contracted lease rates over the remaining lease terms. If the lease contract began within six months of acquisition date or the square footage price difference was within 10% of the contracted lease rate, or the overall discounted cash flow effect of the difference was less than $150,000, the lease was excluded for intangible valuation purposes. The remaining leases that were included were then compared to market rates, with the differences discounted using a discount rate of 7.50% to determine the discounted present value of the lease intangibles. The Company is amortizing the lease intangibles on a straight-line basis over the remaining life of each lease ranging between two and ten years.


The unaudited pro forma information below presents statement of income data for the three and six months ended March 31, 2018, as if the acquisition of ApplianceSmart took place on October 1, 2017. Actual unaudited consolidated results of ApplianceSmart are also shown. ApplianceSmart was acquired on December 30, 2017 with only one day of consolidated results for the quarter ended December 31, 2017.


    Proforma     Actual     Proforma     Actual  
    Three months     Three months     Six months     Unaudited  
    Ended     Ended     Ended     Results through  
    March 31, 2018     March 31, 2018     March 31, 2018     March 31, 2018  
Net revenue   $ 11,191,842     $ 11,191,842     $ 22,512,817     $ 11,260,516  
Gross profit     3,449,105       3,449,105       4,561,178       3,468,305  
Operating income (loss)     272,563       272,563       (1,782,413 )     292,218  
Net income (loss)     372,690       372,690       (1,717,082 )     392,345  
Earnings (loss) per basic common share   $ 0.19     $ 0.19     $ (0.87 )   $ 0.20