Investor Relations
  • When was Live Ventures Incorporated founded?
  • The Company was founded in 1968 as the Nuclear Corporation of New Mexico. In 2015, it changed its name to Live Ventures Incorporated.

  • What is Live Ventures Incorporated’s business?
  • Live Ventures Incorporated provides local customer acquisition services and related products for small- and medium-sized local businesses, to deliver an affordable way for businesses to extend their marketing reach to target customers via the Internet, with a focus on marketing solutions for mobile devices.

  • Where is Live Ventures Incorporated headquartered?
  • Live Ventures Incorporated is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

  • On which exchange does Live Ventures Incorporated trade and what is its ticker symbol?
  • Live Ventures Incorporated currently trades on the NASDAQ, under the symbol “LIVE” (NASDAQ: LIVE).

  • What is Live Ventures Incorporated’s CUSIP number?
  • Live Ventures Incorporated’s CUSIP number is 538142308.

  • Does Live Ventures Incorporated pay a dividend?
  • Live Ventures Incorporated does not currently pay a dividend.

  • Who do I contact about stock certificate matters?
  • The Company’s transfer agent is:
    VStock Transfer, LLC
    18 Lafayette Place
    Woodmere, New York  11598
    (212) 828-8436

  • When does Live Ventures Incorporated's fiscal year end?
  • Live Ventures Incorporated’s fiscal year ends on September 30th.

  • When does the Company report earnings?
  • The Company reports earnings and files its quarterly and annual reports within the time frame stipulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

  • Who can I contact for general information about Live Ventures Incorporated?
  • Live Ventures Incorporated