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LiveDeal, Inc. Continues National Advertising Push With Expanded Mobile Ad Campaign

NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 11/07/14 -- LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVE) is stepping up its efforts to bring nationwide awareness to its flagship product, the "real-time" deals platform Not only is the company furthering its brand with extensive national television and radio ads, but LiveDeal will also enhance its presence with mobile ads on both iOS and Android devices to reach consumers right where they're spending the bulk of their time -- on their mobile devices.

The prolonged mobile ads campaign will complement the company's fully integrated national advertising campaign to grow the number of restaurants using the company's platform to publish "instant" real-team offers, and to grow the number of consumers who are shopping for those deals using mobile apps. 

LiveDeal recently launched its updated iOS and Android apps to offer consumers a faster, more responsive experience when searching for deals at the restaurants around them. And now the company will increase the time, effort and financial resources it directs toward inviting more mobile users to its geo-location based mobile marketing platform that enables restaurants to offer deals to potential nearby customers.

The company expects this mobile ad campaign will increase mobile usage as well as continue to attract new restaurant partners, and with good reason. LiveDeal put together a very successful 50-city advertising campaign this past summer that helped it reach almost 10,000 restaurants using the platform to offer about 10,000 deals, so this much longer and more ad-intensive campaign should really help to build the LiveDeal brand nationwide and drive more users to its apps.

In a recent report issued by Goldman Small Cap Research, LiveDeal received an $8.00 price target and a speculative buy rating from the firm. The company's willingness to build its brand certainly should help it reach that target price. In the report, the LiveDeal platform was said to have proven itself as a disruptive and transformative force in the multi-billion online deal industry. 

Both upcoming advertising campaigns should continue to build upon what Goldman Small Cap Research highlighted as "The LiveDeal model has resulted in hockey stick-type revenue growth and the Company is well-positioned to continue on this path. For the June 2014 quarter, revenue leaped over 300% from $606,000 to nearly $2.7 million."

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