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As LiveDeal, Inc.'s Footprint Grows, the Restaurant Industry Wins

NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 12/12/14 -- LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVE) introduced its geo-location based mobile marketing platform more than a year ago, and since that time, it has grown the "restaurant deals" side of the technology to eye-popping numbers in 50 major US cities. The winner in the company's exponential growth over the last 15 months is clearly the restaurant industry.

LiveDeal's restaurant deals platform, which is available in both iOS and Android apps and available online, got a nationwide advertising boost this quarter to attract consumers and restaurant owners alike. The advertising campaign is expected to last for some time to come, and with it, even more restaurant and consumer growth. Again -- a win for the restaurant industry.

Already the expansion of the company's advertising campaign has resulted in a 570% increase in traffic to the company's restaurant sign-up page, compared to the same period in November. LiveDeal also reported in late November that it saw a 783% increase in net site visits in the first week of the campaign, as compared to site traffic over the same period in October.

LiveDeal offers the dining industry a platform that puts all of the control at the fingertips of restaurant owners who can use the technology to publish "live" real-time offers when they need traffic the most. It's a concept and control that the industry has needed for some time now, and in turn, the LiveDeal app and website offers consumers deals at a wide range of restaurants.

The benefit to the restaurant industry is complete control of the deals they offer the public and when they offer those deals, but an added benefit is a platform that allows them to advertise to new customers. These are customers who will likely come back and help them with word-of-mouth advertising.

A survey of 931 U.S. consumers at the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University, finds that those who have purchased daily deals from a casual dining, fast-casual, or quick-service restaurant and are new and/or infrequent customers said they would return to the restaurant and pay regular prices, as well as recommend the restaurant to friends. The survey said that new customers in particular would not have tried the restaurant without the daily deal offer.

LiveDeal has seen three straight months of restaurant partner growth and now the platform boasts about 10,000 restaurant partners across the country. According to the company, restaurant owners are using the instant deals platform as their main resource for offering new deals to consumers, and in most of the cities where LiveDeal has a presence, the deal-engine leads all other restaurant deal sites combined in terms of the number of deals and the number of restaurants utilizing the platform.

The good news to the restaurant industry and to those consumers looking for great dining offers is that LiveDeal has already amassed an impressive footprint nationwide, but the company won't rest there. Its plan is to broaden the platform even more in those cities where there is already a presence and to expand into even more cities, add even more restaurants and attract even more consumers with its long-term, radio and television and mobile ad space advertising campaigns.

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