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LiveDeal Forecasts More Revenue Growth in 2015 After Record Setting Year

NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 01/08/15 -- LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVE) management stuck to the plan last year, and the company rode its business model to a record setting 2014.  In late December, LiveDeal released its FY2014 financial results after its first full year with its signature technology, the online and mobile marketing platform, building a significant footprint in the $683 billion dining industry. 

While LiveDeal spent 2014 introducing its geo-location based platform to restaurants and consumers in more than 50 of the largest cities across the United States, 2015 could be more about dealing with the platform's popularity as the company becomes the "go-to" advertising option for restaurants.  LiveDeal's platform allows restaurant owners to maintain complete control of their traffic by publishing real-time offers to nearby consumers when they need customers the most. 

This ideal marketing tool is finding itself as a very comfortable option for restaurants all over the country, and because of it, LiveDeal is growing a footprint in the dining industry that bests that of all of the other daily deal sites in the same markets.  With this popularity in a growing number of cities, it's easy to see why LiveDeal management is forecasting an even bigger year after its record setting 2014.

And with the company integrating the e-commerce platform of its subsidiary, ModernEveryday Inc., onto the platform, this should add to management's confidence that a strong 2015 is ahead by allowing to offer a wide variety of consumer products, including many currently found on

As LiveDeal continues its nationwide advertising campaign to attract both consumers and restaurant owners to its platform, the company should see its footprint continue to grow in 2015, and as that footprint grows, so too do the opportunities for the company to parlay the attention into paid advertising revenues. 

Given the company's willingness to expand the platform into a number of other verticals starting with consumer products and, the revenue numbers for 2015 should surpass the record-setting numbers LiveDeal saw in 2014.

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