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LiveDeal Launches New eCommerce Platform to offer consumer products directly

LAS VEGAS, March 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - LiveDeal Inc. (NASDAQ:LIVE) ("LiveDeal" or the "Company"), a publicly traded company that operates, a geo-location based mobile marketing platform that enables restaurants to publish "real-time" and "instant offers" to nearby consumers, today announces that it has launched its internal e-commerce website, which will be directly accessible via

The new e-commerce website will initially offer a variety of value-oriented products, ranging from household items and apparel to electronics and consumer goods, including many items that the company will be manufacturing in-house as recently announced.  The company also intends to employ its proprietary software to help identify consumer demand and will adjust its offerings regularly to reflect the data generated from it.

LiveDeal's e-commerce platform will feature rapid check out, easy browsing capability, as well as streamlined order flow, which will allow for more rapid shipping.  However, like the LiveDeal's restaurant deals, all of the product offerings on will be last minute deals with limited expiration times, which will result in deep discounts.  The company's consumer products distributor, ModernEveryday, will continue to operate and service its customers as it has always done.

"LiveDeal was founded on the premise that it was possible to bring money-saving offers directly to consumers via a live portal. This e-commerce offering is the next logical step in our company's evolution, as it takes us from being able to offer dining deals to customers who are looking to go out, to deals that will also help them save money on thousands of items that can be found in our subsidiary, ModernEveryday's inventory, at discounted prices for limited times," said Jon Isaac, CEO of LiveDeal.  "We have integrated the lessons learned from working with our subsidiaries, as well as receiving direct feedback from customers and partners alike.  We anticipate success in this newest venture, which we believe will be advantageous to our customers, partners and shareholders alike, while reflecting on the wisdom of our acquisition strategy, which has brought us to this point in time."

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LiveDeal Inc. provides marketing solutions that boost customer awareness and merchant visibility on the Internet. LiveDeal operates a deal engine, which is a service that connects merchants and consumers via an innovative platform that uses geo-location, enabling businesses to communicate real-time and instant offers to nearby consumers. In November 2012, LiveDeal commenced the sale of marketing tools that help local businesses manage their online presence under the Company's Velocity Local™ brand. LiveDeal continues to actively develop, revise, and evaluate these products and services and its marketing strategies and procedures. For more information, visit

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