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Live Ventures Completes Purchase of Remaining 20 Percent of Marquis Industries, Enabling Potential Usage of Nearly $10 Million in Net Operating Loss in Future Years

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Live Ventures Incorporated (NASDAQ:LIVE) ("Live Ventures" or the "Company"), a diversified growth holding company, today announces that it has completed the purchase of the remaining 20 percent stake of its subsidiary, Marquis Industries, which was formerly held by Marquis' management and shareholders.

With the completion of this transaction, Marquis Industries became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Live Ventures and, given future projected earnings of Marquis Industries and its subsidiaries, should allow usage of nearly $10 Million in net operating loss carry forwards of Live Ventures in subsequent years, which could represent approximately $3 Million in cash tax savings.

"Increasing our ownership in Marquis Industries to 100 percent will improve Live Ventures' overall earnings and also should provide us with millions of dollars in cash tax savings which were not available with Marquis Industries as a partially owned subsidiary." said Jon Isaac, CEO of Live Ventures Incorporated. 

About Live Ventures Incorporated

Live Ventures Incorporated is a diversified holding company with several wholly owned subsidiaries and a strategic focus on acquiring profitable companies that have demonstrated a strong history of earnings power.  Live Ventures Incorporated provides, among other businesses, marketing solutions that boost customer awareness and merchant visibility on the Internet.  We operate a deal engine, which is a service that connects merchants and consumers via an innovative platform that uses geo-location, enabling businesses to communicate real-time and instant offers to nearby consumers.  In addition, we maintain, through our subsidiary, ModernEveryday, an online consumer products retailer and, through our subsidiary, Marquis Industries, a specialty, high-performance yarns manufacturer, hard-surfaces re-seller, which is a top-10 high-end residential carpet manufacturer in the United States.  Marquis Industries, through its A-O Division, utilizes its state-of-the-art yarn extrusion capacity to market monofilament textured yarn products to the artificial turf industry.  Marquis Industries is the only manufacturer in the world that can produce certain types of yarn prized by the industry. 

Forward-Looking and Cautionary Statements

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