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LiveDeal, Inc.'s Technology to Be Valued on Its Future Potential in the Online Deal Industry

NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 03/20/14 -- LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVE) has generated a lot of attention since entering the online deal space and that attention has been well deserved. The company's instant, real-time concept makes more sense for users than the model used by long-time industry leaders like Groupon and others. Quite simply when business owners need more customers, they will create a promotion with an online deal site to help introduce their brand to potential consumers. LiveDeal launched its online deal platform in the restaurant industry, and with it, it's giving those restaurants the opportunity to reach customers immediately and in real-time.

The introduction of this instant, real-time model gives plenty of potential as an on-going technology platform into the future. LiveDeal recently announced that it is ramping up its deal procurement team so that it can quickly grab market share. It is clear that the first step the company is taking is to build an audience. In technology, the name of the game is potential. Instagram, for instance, had 30 million users when it was acquired, but to arrive at a fair value for acquisition, the technology's future potential had to be included in the evaluation. Instagram has proven that potential with close to 150 million users.

In technology, since most platforms are so scalable, those looking to acquire these technologies project 2, 3 and 5-years out in time to see where the product could be, and usually pay a multiple based on future potential, not actual results at the time. This bodes well for LiveDeal and its online and mobile deal engine,

LiveDeal seems to understand that the name of the game is potential and that building a technology's popularity by increasing its number of users could equate to more and more dollars in the company's future. With each major city that the company has added to its platform, there is the market to add thousands of new restaurants to create promotions and potentially millions of new consumers to view and use those real-time deals.

Because LiveDeal's platform gives the restaurant owner all of the control, creates a direct relationship between merchant and consumer and eliminates the middleman by letting consumers pay for the promotions found on directly to the restaurant, the platform has to be taken seriously in the industry.

Other online deal sites in the industry don't offer all of these advantages, so using a media campaign to drive more and more users to the company's platform should only serve to make this model the way merchants advertise promotions and consumers find their deals well into the future.

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