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Social Networking Giant Twitter and Online Deals Upstart LiveDeal Join Competitive Index Wars

NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 06/02/14 -- Last Friday it became official for two tech companies that joined the index wars as additions to the Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) global index. MSCI, one of the world's largest equity index providers, had its annual May "shake up" where it rebalanced its many global indices with each index receiving a list of additions and deletions. Two such additions were the well-known social networking platform Twitter and the upstart online/mobile deals platform LiveDeal (NASDAQ: LIVE).

These two tech companies became the latest to join what is a very competitive landscape to attract new clients when they were named to MSCI's exclusive global indices. Because the field is so competitive, each company named to an index is carefully considered and MSCI stakes its reputation on the addition. After all, when you ask your asset manager how your portfolio is doing, he most likely asks MSCI. The company manages more than 145,000 daily equity, fixed income, and hedge fund indices for use by large asset management firms.

As part of its semi-annual review, MSCI reclassified equities across all of its markets, and Twitter, one of the bigger companies to be added, is listed on the MSCI All World index while LiveDeal, one of the smaller additions, can now be found on the MSCI Micro Cap index.

With competitors like Standard & Poor's Financial Services, Dow Jones & Company, and the FTSE Group, meeting the demands of a large client like BlackRock, a multinational investment management corporation, and its iShares family of funds is crucial to MSCI's annual revenue.

Mark Wiedman, global head of iShares said, "MSCI is the gold standard of global and international equity indexes, the near-universal choice of professional investors. We plan to deepen our partnership with MSCI to help deliver the highest quality products and portfolio construction to our clients."

MSCI indices are widely used as the benchmark by which the performance of global equity portfolios are measured with close to $8 trillion estimated to be benchmarked to the indices on a worldwide basis.

Clearly MSCI isn't in a position to make mistakes with the companies it adds to its indices, so no matter the size of the company, big or small, being added to an MSCI index is a pretty big deal.

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