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LiveDeal Engaged in Advertising Campaign to Attract More Restaurants Is an Easy Sell

NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 06/26/14 -- LiveDeal (NASDAQ: LIVE) launched its real-time instant deals platform in the $683 billion dining industry in late 2013 with the business owner in mind. Unlike Groupon and other competitor sites that offer restaurant deals on their platform, LiveDeal's approach has been to essentially offer a marketing/advertising tool to restaurant owners that allows them to drive business to their locations when they need customers most. The company's concept puts the power in the hands of the restaurant, and in only 9 months that concept is clearly catching on.

Let's face it consumers always want a great deal, and they'll find it if it's out there, but restaurant owners don't always need a flood of hungry diners overwhelming them after finding a promotion on online/mobile deals sites. LiveDeal gives restaurant owners the ability to control their traffic, and with the growth of the company's platform, it appears both consumer and restaurant owners have found a winner.

As of the end of May, the company's mobile platform had 10,000 restaurant deals available at over 8,000 dining locations in 35 major US cities. These numbers are likely higher now and reflect a recognition of a better way to market and a smarter tool for advertising that makes the most sense for their own business plans while growing their customer base.

LiveDeal is currently involved in an advertising campaign to attract additional restaurants to its platform, but drawing business owners to probably doesn't take much convincing given it enables restaurants to create limited-time offers and publish them immediately or on a preset schedule that is fully customizable to their needs.

In 9 short months, the platform has proven to be an easy sell. It gives restaurants the freedom to choose the days, times and duration of the offers, allowing them to create offers that entice consumers to visit their establishment on their slower days and times. The benefits all favor the restaurant owner and the consumer and not the third-party "middle man."

Using restaurant owners are posting deals that are continuing to entice consumers as well. LiveDeal is reporting higher monthly traffic to its platform and higher voucher redemption, so as the advertising campaign continues, so too should the great numbers the company is reporting.

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